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#time to move on - english version for Jorge💕
english blogs · 03. März 2021
Who actually invented this "forever"? Life itself is a never-ending cycle of coming into being and passing away. For me, having a loving relationship or marriage means: We will both do our best to be there for each other. We will support each other, be respectful and mindful of each other and carry our loved one through life within our means.

#your heart has its own head.
english blogs · 22. November 2020
Did you know that your heart has its own nervous system? It consists of thousands of nerve cells and even has its own memory. For example, it makes decisions completely independently of the brain, with its OWN nervous system, and passes on exactly this information to YOU.

#From the point of view of a tree: the cycle of life
english blogs · 22. April 2019
How do you communicate with a tree being, is that even possible? And what does a tree have to say to us humans? Read the new blog article. Tip: When life really shakes you up again: Hugging a tree or tree talk almost always helps!