#your heart has its own head.

is even scientifically proven

Did you know...
that your heart has its own nervous system?

It consists of thousands of nerve cells and even has its own memory. Our heart is our most important sense organ and sometimes has its own head ;). For example, it decides completely independently of the brain, with its OWN nervous system and passes on exactly this information to YOU.

And there's more: Your heart perceives much more than was previously assumed. 
It has a lot to say to our brain: 80 percent of the nerve pathways run from the heart to the brain - and not vice versa. With its widely ramified vessels, it is connected to every, and I mean EVERY single cell of your body.

If something is wrong, this information is immediately passed on to the brain. And that's exactly what you can feel very strongly. This does not only concern physical discomfort, but goes far beyond the physical limits: heart feels very precisely what is good for you and what is not - and if you turn the chattering mind down for a moment, then you feel that too.

Your heart communicates. It speaks with you, and is in connection with everything that is around you - if you let it. 

If you feel inside yourself, you will receive answers that your mind can never give you. Because our mind, it is limited - it only knows what it knows, has no feeling for a matter, for a situation, about which nothing has been read, heard or understood yet. Our mind simply weighs, from what it knows or doesn't know - and when the mind is the one on top, you decide rationally.

Your heart, connected to EVERY cell of your body, intuitively knows exactly WHAT is right for you. Your heart is YOUR important sense organ and is directly connected to your brain. So if you only listen to your mind and doubt again and again what your heart sends you, you are moving away from what you really are.

I think this feels very, very wrong for many of us in the long run - we want to change course, we feel something is wrong. We run in the hamster wheel and are not happy, because here the mind leads us - not the heart.

Your heart can do much more.

Our heart, the engine that keeps our body here in the earthly, can do much more.


One heart can connect to another when needed - and then these two hearts beat as one.

And here comes the scientific part for all the doubters among us ;-)
A study by the Danish University of Aarhus proves that this is possible. With the help of different measuring methods, firewalkers from San Pedro and also the spectators of this spectacle were monitored a few years ago. After a while, the hearts of the firewalkers and those of the people they trusted with them beat in exactly the same beat, even though they were sitting many meters away in the stands.

What does that mean? After a short time, the individual heartbeat rates converged to such an extent that the hearts of friends and family of "their" firewalkers beat in time. In contrast, the heartbeat of uninvolved persons did not synchronize; here, each heart beat its own individual rhythm.



This means: Our hearts feel when they are needed and then support each other. We sympathize with those we love - regardless of whether they have feathers, wings, hooves, fins or legs.

We are all connected on a level that goes far, far beyond our minds. Trust what your heart is calling to you. It has long known the way, while your mind remains an eternal seeker.

In this sense, happy Thursday
from heart to heart




These lines are based on an article by Dr. Reinhard Friedl, heart surgeon and author. The messages of the heart are detectable in the brain as heartbeat-based potentials. Personally, I would not have needed the ultimate proof, but I want to share it with you out there, those who doubt, who need evidence, who prefer to believe what can be seen, touched, proven and scientifically substantiated. This is for you💜

PS Thank you for reading, sympathizing, sharing. If you like, leave me a few lines here - I appreciate every single one, even if I can't answer them all anymore. I read them all!

heart before head.

Connected to every cell of your body.

Your mind is limited, your heart already knows.

Study by the Danish University of Aarhus.

Our hearts beat in time with those we love.

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