#From the point of view of a tree: the cycle of life

Dear ones,
today I want to share something special with you: one of my conversations with a wise tree creature.


Yep, you read that right. Even with trees the mental exchange of ideas is possible. It's true that you hardly talk to Mr. or Mrs. Tree about the latest betting results at the Horner racecourse, the new clothes of Hasi and Mausi or the faux pas of a celebrity - but you don't want to do that :)

My connection with trees is mostly about moving, deep themes of life. Topics that concern us humans - quite apart from mainstream, serial marathons (I love them very much!), and all the misfortunes that happen in the world. Quite apart from political events and everything that concerns us humans.


I would like to say that I am generally not a fan of small talk. Never have been. Neither with my own kind, nor with other creatures. Whether verbal or mental, small talk NERVES.

I like deep conversations.

Conversations that give impulses to all participants, that move or trigger something in me. Surface talk is not my thing, so I avoid such conversations - if they cannot be avoided altogether, of course.


Small talk is part of the human condition, of course - but if I can choose what a conversation is about, then I like to choose topics that REALLY interest me. Asking about shopping, clothes or the latest fragrance is not one of them.

In Search of stability

On one such evening, in search of support and stability, I once again turned to my tree friend, a large hawthorn.

He sent me this in response to my wish for rootedness and help in what was once again an untenable situation for me:

"I observe this in you humans with wonder and also a little concern, for it does you no good. You hold on - to things, situations or living beings; come what may. It doesn't matter to you whether it is time to let go of these things, situations or living beings so that there is room and space for something new. Now look at me. Every year, in an eternal cycle, I let go of all the splendour to make room and space for what comes next. Even when I am in full bloom and shining wonderfully in your eyes, it is not at all difficult for me to let go of this splendour, to throw it off.

He went on to convey the following to me:
"For if I did not, I would suffocate. My once wonderful blossoms would wither and rot - if I wanted to keep them on purpose. And so I discard the old, no matter how splendid and beautiful it may look from the outside. I let go, always anew. I do this with joy, because discarding and letting go creates space for the new."

"This is my cycle. And so is the cycle of life. In a perpetual, recurring, stable and reliable way.


At the same time, it is a cycle that you humans often do not live. Because you hold on. Often enough to what is not good for you.

You are stuck in what was. You hold on to the splendour of the leaves of times gone by. If you don't let go of them, the splendour withers. And there is no room for the new."


More than Smalltalk.

I like boosts!

you hold on tight. And that's not good for you.

Der Kreislauf des Lebens. Unserer aller Leben.

Talk with a Tree.

Do you have any advice for me on how to deal with this situation when sadness overcomes me and I wish for something back that can no longer be with me?


The tree then sent me the following:
"Let go in love and trust in the cycle of life.
Let go of the situation, the creature or the feeling, let it go - ideally before everything decays.


Only then will there be room for the new.
If I never let go of my blossoms or leaves, I would suffocate, nothing can arise from old blossoms.


So I must first throw off the old, trust in the cycle of life - in order to be able to continue to shine in new splendour.

Where does your confidence in life come from?

The tree replied: "You wonder why I can do that?
Because I trust that life is a cycle. A cycle of becoming and passing, the eternal cycle of old and new, of beginning and end, of beginning and continuation, of fullness and emptiness."

"Trust in life, let go of the old, without resentment, without sense of loss - simply in the knowledge: There IS an eternal cycle in which we are all involved.

"Something that was good is leaving.
Trust that something will come that is just as good.
It goes on and on."

So I endure all the seasons, the years, decades - trusting that what I let go of makes space and room for all that is to come."

Thank you, you wonderful tree being!

Thank you, wonderful Being.

I was very touched by this conversation, because basically many of us humans long to experience life exactly like this.

This tree is so trusting and blossoms beautifully, the birds are its family and friends and it trusts in the eternal cycle of life. That is what makes it so strong, so beautiful and so wonderful.

And I'm determined right now to try to do the same ;)

Thank you for reading, listening, empathising and being there.
Leave me a comment so that I know you are there.

Yours, Claudi


1. we are allowed to meet, accompany, support and love very different people, animals and other living beings.

2. it is the memories that remain forever.

The connection between all creatures is called LOVE - and it is immortal.

Something does not have to be dead for you to let it go.

Room for New

Get your power back.

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